SFHS Choir Calendar 2022-23

Fri 8/26 Choir Retreat at 3pm (ALL) at North Park (Costco Park)

Mon 9/19 All-State Mandatory Rehearsals at MMHS from 4-6pm (invited students)

Mon 9/26 All-State Mandatory Rehearsals at MMHS from 4-6pm (invited students)

Wed 10/5 Fall Concert at 7pm (ALL); Call Time 5:30pm

Thurs 10/6 All-State Rehearsal at Taylorsville HS from 6-9pm (invited students)

Fri 10/7 All-State Rehearsal at Taylorsville HS from 9am-8:30pm (invited students)

Sat 10/8 All-State Rehearsal at SL Tabernacle from 12:30-4pm (invited students)

Sat 10/8 All-State Choir Concert at SL Tabernacle at 7:30pm

Wed 12/14 Cookies and Carols Christmas Concert (ALL); Cookies at 6:30pm/Concert at 7pm

Thurs 12/15 Chamber Singers Perform at Temple Square; 6:30pm at City Creek Mall; 8pm at Assembly Hall

Wed 3/15 Chamber Singers at Region Chamber Choir (Salem Hills HS); 1-3pm

Wed 3/15 Region Vocal Solo and Ensemble (Salem Hills HS); 3:30-9pm (for students interested in competing)

Thurs 3/16 Masterworks Dress Rehearsal from 6-8pm in Auditorium

Fri 3/17 Masterworks Concert: The Music of Morten Lauridsen at 7pm (6pm call time)

Wed Mar 22 to Sat Mar 25 Choir Tour

Wed 4/19 Region Large Choir (Mosaic and Concert) at Provo HS; 2-4:30pm

Sat 4/22 UVU Bass Clef Fest at UVU from 2-9pm (for any Tenor or Bass in choir!)

Wed 4/26 Region Training Choir (Men's & Women's Chorus) at MMHS; 1pm to TBD

*Sat 4/29 UHSAA State Solo and Ensemble at Provo HS (for qualifying singers from region solo and ensemble)

*Sat 4/29 UHSAA State Chamber Choir at Provo HS (IF Chamber Singers qualifies at region chamber choir)

*May 12-14 UMEA State Choir (Mosaic & Concert Choir) at University of Utah Libby Gardner Hall (IF Mosaic and or Concert Choir qualifies at region large choir)

Wed 5/17 End of Year Pop Concert (ALL) at 7pm (5:30pm call time)